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AT14043 DVI гнездо - DVI гнездо

Производитель: Atlona (США)

Atlona DVI-D female to DVI-D female (DVI-D compatible ) adapter is designed to make sure that there is no signal loss when adapting DVI cables to each other. It is made out of industrial quality materials that will ensure a perfect signal transfer. Inside the adapter you will find a set of single strand conductors, which are made of High-Purity copper. The conductors are shielded by a single solid metal plate, to make sure that no interference is picked up in the conversion process. The connectors are gold plated to ensure a great connection. NOTE: DVI-D can only be adopted to DVI-D cable. When using DVI-D cables, please make sure that your source and your display are in the same DVI mode (DVI-D) 

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24k Gold Plated DVI-D female connectors
High-Purity single-strand Copper conductors
100% Aluminum/Mylar shield
2 Nuts on the each DVI side of the adapter to secure adapter to the cable