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Адаптер проходной, HDMI

Производитель: Rix Labs

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DM1703 Комплект: 3 адаптера цену уточняйте

В комплекте
Адаптер проходной HDMI гнездо > HDMI гнездо (Straight Type)
Адаптер проходной HDMI гнездо > HDMI штекер (Right Angle Type)
Адаптер проходной, HDMI гнездо > HDMI Mini штекер (C Type (mini HDMI))


• HDMI female to female adapter is the perfect solution to connect two HDMI cables to create a longer cable. 
• Right Angle type enables you to correctly orient your cable providing less strain on the connector. 
• Bridging between a pair of HDMI cables.
• A type to C type Allows you convert between HDMI A type and HDMI 1.3 mini C type connection
• Support small portable devices such as HD camcorders and still cameras demanding seamless connectivity to HDTV